Police Cars in Dubai – New 2019 Dubai Police Cars

Police Cars in Dubai – New 2019 Dubai Police Cars

A city of indulgence and excess, police cars in Dubai are certain to catch the eye of tourists and locals alike and whilst almost a tourist attraction to themselves, you wouldn’t want to get caught up on the wrong side of the police in Dubai.  We paid a recent visit to the Arabian Travel and Tourism Market event and found more than just travel deals on show.  There was an impressive display of the UAE’s latest police cars, set to hit the roads in 2019.  Here are some of our favourites:

Bentley Bentayga Police Car in Dubai

Bentley Bentayga Police Car Dubai

Bentley has officially dipped its toe in the water of the SUV market with the Bentayga and the Dubai Police were quick to add it their fleet. Most likely the 6.0L V12 version costing in excess of £180,000 (nearly 1m Dirham!), whilst you wouldn’t want to find yourself being carted off by the Police in Dubai, if you are, a ride in the back of the Dubai Police Bentley Bentayga is probably the most luxurious ride in a police car you’ll ever get.

Bentley GT Police Car in Dubai

Bentley Continental GT Police Car Dubai

The Second Bentley in the police car lineup is the ever-popular Continental GT. This car has been a hit for the last 15 years and has gone through three major changes and two engine types, the V8 and the classic W12. The latest model seems to be catching the eye of every GT boy racer with its new styling and lighter body. This makes the Continental GT a true contender for the best grand tourer on the market today. With its speed and agility, the Dubai Police have a world class police car on their hands. At GBP185,000 (962,000 Dirhams) this car is not for everyone, but thankfully it’s reasonable enough for the Dubai Police force.

Porsche Panamera Police Car in Dubai

Porsche Panamera Police Car Dubai

When Porsche entered the saloon market it took the world by surprise as they were always known for their sports cars such as the Carrera, then the Boxster and later the Cayman. However, Dubai Police were quick to jump at the new four door five-seater saloon. This big saloon is no slouch on a couch.  With a price tag of GBP102,000 (550 thousand Dirhams) and a choice of three engines with 290 BHP, 440 BHP or the Turbo giving an amazing 550 BHP, there is not too many traffic offenders on the raid that could get away from this police enforcer!

Audi Q7 Police Car in Dubai

Audi Q7 Police Car Dubai

When it comes to classy SUV’s the Q7 is always up there.  Not many can beat the ease and elegance of this proven favourite that has the ability to go off-road when the needed.  The seven-seater machine has been around for a few years now and offers the power and reliability that every Police force depends on. Whether they are helping a tourist that’s stranded in the dunes or they just need the power to catch the bad guys, this SUV is always on call.  With a choice of two engine types, the 4-cylinder or the more power V6 turbo, the Audi Q7 is the most reasonably priced elegant SUV coming in at GBP60,000 (300,000 Dirhams).  You could almost say it is in within reach of most criminals’ budgets!

If you're renting a car in Dubai, you won't want to get on the wrong side of the law and your chances of outrunning the Dubai police are slim to none!

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