Ramadan for non-Muslims in the UAE

Ramadan for non-Muslims in the UAE

As Ramadan is fast approaching (expected to start around 4 May), it is worth reminding yourself of what is and what is not acceptable during this Islamic holy period.

For Muslims Ramadan is the holiest time of the year dedicated to spending more time on spiritual reflection, increased devotion, self-improvement and worship.  Muslims must fast from sunrise to sunset not allowing even a drop of water to pass their lips during this Islamic holy month.  At the end of the month the greatest celebration of all takes place, Eid al-Fitr (Festival of Breaking Fast), with Muslims all around the world celebrating with the offering of food, elaborate decorations and gifts.

If you are not Muslim, then it is important you observe and respect customs this holy period.  Many non-Muslims in the UAE choose to adopt the fasting period for health reasons and weight loss and to show solidarity with their Muslim friends.  If you choose to carry-on as usual, you could be in for a few surprises!

Ramadan for non-Muslims in the UAE

Ramadan - Need to Know
It is recommended to dress even more conservatively during Ramadan.  This means definitely not showing shoulders, knees or cleavage as those fasting could take it as offensive and disrespectful.  Think long and floaty, rather than tight and revealing.

All restaurants come alive at Iftar time when the sun sets, and Muslims break their fast with family and friends.  However, you can eat during the fasting period but only in certain places that have special licenses and are screened from public view.  You cannot smoke, eat or drink in public, so forget your choca-latte-soya to go, and you should even avoid chewing gum in public as this is seen as eating.

Displays of public affection are prohibitive at the best of times in the UAE, but during Ramadan any affection, even holding hands for married couples is best avoided.

Try and immerse yourself in the joy and spirit of this blessed month.  Take time to reflect how you conduct yourself, think about the greater good and what you do to contribute to make life better each day.  Perhaps rent a larger vehicle and take friends to enjoy Iftar all together?  Check out rhinocarhire.ae for the BEST prices on 7-seater and luxury vehicles to suit your taste and budget or perhaps rent a Pajero in Dubai and take some time away from the city streets and venture into the desert.  Just remember this is an opportunity for everybody to embrace the community spirit and to get involved with charities and events.
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