Car Parking Al Maktoum Airport - DWC Dubai

Car Parking Al Maktoum Airport - DWC Dubai

If you haven’t had the pleasure to experience Dubai’s newest airport, Al Maktoum Airport or better known as DWC, you will be pleasantly surprised.  The airport is finally coming into its own and things are starting to flow very well.  The first thing you notice is the ease of access to get to the Airport and then the ease of access upon arrival.  There is a multi- lane entrance that is well signed posted.  With the slow pace of traffic, you will wonder if you are actually entering an international airport.
Al Maktoum Airport Parking
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Short Term Parking at Al Maktoum Airport

This is currently the best kept secret of all, car parking at Al Maktoum Airport is currently free!  At time of writing (April 2019), there are no parking charges at DWC for short-term parking at Al Maktoum Airport.  However, we are confident this will be reviewed by the end of the year but for now you can enjoy free parking at Al Maktoum Airport.

Long Term Parking Al Maktoum Airport

As for long-term parking at Al Maktoum Airport there is no clear instruction or guidance from DWC.  They comment you can park anywhere if it is in an allocated space.  As spaces are not identified for short-term or long-term parking, you can take your pick and even park really close to the Terminal building.  Enjoy this perk whilst you can, because with a total of 3,000 parking bays this will one day be a money making venture of its own.

Drop-Off Parking Al Maktoum Airport

You sense that DWC is designed with the future in mind and picking up or dropping off passengers could not be easier.  This is probably due to the current low volume of passengers, but we feel they have allowed enough space to cater for future demand.  Upon arriving at DWC the directional signs are clear, concise and easy to follow.  If you are picking up or dropping off curb side, there are plenty of pull-in bays that are wide enough to freely open car doors.  As there are no parking control attendants moving you on, saying hello or goodbye is not rushed.

Parking Al Maktoum Airport

Pick-Up Parking Al Maktoum Airport

Picking up from Al Maktoum is also as straight forward as dropping off. You can simply pull up outside the terminal building and wait in your car (just take care not to park in a Taxi rank or you'll be asked to move on). If you are leaving you car, you should park within a designated parking bay at Al Maktoum Airport car park. As with short and long term parking, parking for pick-up is currently free of charge, you can leave your car as long as needed to meet and greet your arrival in the arrivals hall.

We'll revisit DWC soon to check on parking charges and will update our information should the free parking at Al Maktoum Airport change.
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